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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> what is that? >> ♪ >> my goodness. >> seriously. >> michael eugene, everybody. >> thank you for being here. >> how about that for an introduction, ladies and gentlemen. >> they are all beautiful. >> they are. >> ♪ >> the voice of our ancestors. >> all right.
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>> well, they are from philadelphia. they have a special performance here in olde city, i'll tell you about it a little bit. if i speak this language fluidly and i believe do i that translates into voices of our ancestors. >> yes. >> okay. >> i think alex said that, is that swahili. >> is that swahili. >> no, no. >> we will talk bit. >> hi everybody it is tuesday, november 24th, 2015. what makes you cry? we will make you cry. a man documents every single time, that his wife teared up, and cried over a one month period. thirty full days. why we can all relate to some of the silly things that she cries about on that list. kim kardashian is close to delivering her next baby. the million-dollar push present she want from kanye after baby number two. hi there, quincy.
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>> hi guys, i'm part of the cool fundraiser called dancing for our future stars. i'm doing it for the independent mission schools. guess what, my old elementary school is part of the independent mission schools. we're hearing at my old elementary school where i will learn this dance, coming up. >> sound good. hi karen, i don't think i have said hello to you. >> good morning to you. >> to all of our friend, someone told me not the to turn it off. i'm's wide if you would like to chat, tweet us of course good facebook version of periscoping. >> stephanie saying good morning. >> we have so many down here, my gosh, hi michael. >> people watching your tv but get on facebook and get on your computer and watch your television at the same time. yesterday i'm out shopping for thanksgiving. >> yes. >> it is happening at your house. >> it is my fiance, i'm in the
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doing a darn thing. i asked them what should i get? nothing. because they don't trust me. >> you can get alcohol. >> i bought a knife. >> i can get alcohol. >> so, i'm out. i saw this gift i want for christmas. it is a pizza slice necklace. look at this. you get a couple slices, on the move, at the game and want to save the other piece. you put it in that plastic vest. >> will it keep it warm. >> it will stay warm. >> your body heat. >> you are taking this too seriously. >> that is hilarious. >> then i go to the turkey aisle. this is over at a target in the delaware valley. there was the the turkey. now, look at the price tag on the turkey. way down there at the bottom. >> what? >> $123,000. >> i said this must be a golden goose, that turkey better taste good. of course, it is a misprint. someone goes can you get five
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have of them that would be 1.4 million-dollar. >> can they give it to you for free. >> no, $123,000. the it was just under a million-dollar. >> half million-dollar. >> so there is that. >> and then i have an update speaking of money. yesterday on the show we showed from you 1939, the the dress that judy garland wore in the wizard of oz, as dorothy gayle. it sold at auction yesterday. >> how much. >> i believe it was 1.4 kitkat, was it 1.4. >> iconic part of the movie history. collectors like to have that. >> ohio, it is a stain on the color. >> because that is judy garland's stain. that is just not any stain. >> that is a judy garland stain. >> totally segway, obviously mentally, monica lewinsky. >> well, there it is, 1.5
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million-dollar. >> they are still trying to figure out an article of your clothing will go. >> i put some my underwear on e bay last night, 35 cents. >> that was irrelevant. >> who bought it and what they will do with it. hopefully it was ant anonymous. we will find out. thanksgiving, day after tomorrow. you get those friends, family members together. sometimes family members that you have not seen since last thanksgiving for a reason. you don't particularly like them. so then you start drinking wine. then conversation starts. then fights begin. before you even get to the table. so we found this web site that listed like the top ten things people fight about on thanksgiving day. what are they. >> when to eat. >> that is my family. >> what time are we eating. >> lets say i want to come over at 1:00. my awning will is usually always late and then when she
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comes sit down some people watching, the game, and then other people want to play games and when will we eat. my dad gets frustrated will we do this? my mommies doing this. >> yes. >> it is usually lining we will wait. then we have to wait. and then your they late they knew we were eating at this time. it just keeps going. >> what do you fight about when it comes eat. >> we like to eat early. >> noon. >> instead of the dinner. i cook and make whole dinner i'm a late guy. >> yes. >> five or six. >> why take the whole day off. whole day is football, family, everybody is outside good laying around and watching football while. >> is working in the kitchen. >> if you serve it at lunch you get to eat it rest of the day. go back, have dinner, have a late night snack. >> like a lion eating a giselle, all afternoon in the safari. >> why not give yourself more time, space it out.
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>> eagles game, i will not watch eagles game. i don't care anymore. it is at 1:00 in the afternoon. >> other thing they fight about what to to do before you eat. is it the okay, i mean, just laying around. is it okay to watch football right at game time. should you be visiting with the relatives you have not seen in a year. >> it depend on who you are and little bit of both. some people go outside, they will play football. >> we will do turkey trot, raise money for charity in germantown. >> where can i sit. i don't want to sit next to uncle bobby here because he is nuts. >> i have a confession, i talked about this with my friend over the weekend. the since i came here i have never had a meal where you actually sit down and talk and face someone. growing up in texas is there always football game on, cowboys are playing and other family members are fans. we have tray tables and they are all around the tv. i never had a dinner where
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table was set ape sit down. i might go sit, because sometimes mize mom and aunt are at the table buzz never like one big table everybody sits down. >> wow, when i was growing around we had a round table and we each had our positions. i never sat in any other chair, then that one chair my entire lifey feel like i missed out on that experience. >> that was part of our tradition. >> but when i'm here sue was nice enough to invite me over. that was my first experience sitting at a table facing someone across the way and just talking. >> you sit there, calm down, maybe say a prayer. >> and engage in conversation. >> fellowship. >> how about the kids table, some people never get off the kid table. you could be 42 and still at the kid table. >> that was me. >> it was a card table. >> yeah. >> you don't want all that ruckus. at the my house there is insane kid. >> in 2015, three boys, what do they do. do you have a sit down table
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dinner. >> i try to feed them first and someplace else to get that over. but my sister and up her kid sit at the table. my children are not. i want them to be done. >> is there kids that don't realize they should be at kids table and they don't want to be. i'm home. then they complain. i have to sit over here. i want to be with everybody else. >> fifth of sixth kiddy was well in my teens before i got to leave the kid table. >> that is when i came back from college, i went to the big table. >> they had a ceremony, that time we go to the big table. >> yes. >> what do you think about this deal, is it okay to watch tv while dinner is going on. >> if you normally have dinner for lunch or thanksgiving lunch, what are you going to do eagles game at one. you will watch the game or finish your meal. >> push the meal back to four. >> we're still talking during the game. you can have it down low. we are not ignoring each
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other. it is an all day event. people are not leaving until 8:00 p.m. then after we play board games or play games. we still have family time. >> when do you slip in that bit the the nap. >> in between game and playing at the night. >> yes. >> you don't really nap officially just resting my eyes. >> exactly. >> yes, lean back. >> are you a asleep in no. >> lets get into this crying list. people want to hear about this on twitter. sometimes it is little things that make us cry. there is this one women, they happen to be living in london. because she's a big cryer her husband decided to document and write down every time that she cried. what was criteria. what made her cry. here is the the list he made. it starts with. >> she found out that swanns can be gay and she felt like that was really nice and sweet. >> i remember when that report came out that swanns can be gay that brought the her to
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tears. >> so emotional like who knew. >> another time she was hung over and saw a picture of the baby piglet. >> a picture of a pig makes her cry. >> sometimes small animals, and babies. >> this woman is unstable. >> they comfort have biscuits so she cried. >> that can be frustrating, excited to have a big meal, and then there is no biscuits. maybe she put out the pan, greased it up. and they don't have any biscuits. >> now i can see why this next one. her husband cooked her a dinner after she had a long day. now that is sweet. >> that is thoughtful. that would make you cry. >> then she loved these animals. she was watching a video. the last thing on the list. she was watching video, simply about a dog and she cried. i don't know what happened with the dog but she cried. she likes dogs and pigs.
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okay, let's talk about our own experience. >> okay. >> anytime, my daughters, say nice things about me, it makes me cry. so, on fathers day i was working up at new york at our network and jessica, one of my favorite daughters, just kidding, jessica, my oldest daughter called into the the show fox and friend. >> is your daughter named jessica. >> you know that i have two daughters jessica and jill. >> i believe one of them is on the phone right now, hi there, jessica. >> hey, happy fathers day. >> thank you, jessica, it is awfully early, it is 4:30 in the morning i bet you love this call. >> anything for you, daddy wanted to wish you a a very happy fathers day. >> my gosh, who has a tissue. >> then it went on for three or four minutes and i started cryingy remember going to student teacher conferences, and say how is jessica doing, how is jill doing. they are really doing well in school. they are getting a's. they are just really well
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behaved children. would i cry at parent/teacher conference. then they thought i was untable. >> that is vicariously. >> you are not a person who ace frayed. >> you are not afraid to cry. >> you get teary eye. >> i should have my own emoji. >> yes, cheers. >> how about you, alex. >> this make you cry. >> i was by myself when i got this. my daughter jessica, and her daughter, teddy. >> it is cute. >> basically they have turn into the same human being and they are both like their mother, jessica's mother, joy who is gist the same. it is weird how we have these little colognes. >> it is hard to make my korean. >> if i'm in a moment, i might get excited, no tears come out. >> a year and a half, i have seen you cry but it is not very often. >> i don't know what it is but i used to with my mother when mothers are on she's always
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like crying. that is so funny. i don't ever cry. the recently i started crying in movies. last movie where i was really crying. >> star wars. >> best man holiday. >> yes. >> my gosh. >> i was saying it looks great. the men are all dancing, it is all about love. but the the first one was great and it was laughing, and stuff. and then, it is like all of a sudden, wham, it got sad on me. the it is like someone died. i started crying. i was not expecting it. i don't like to pay to see a movie to cry. i don't need to pay money to sad. bye was crying. then they just kept going with that story line and they wouldn't give me a break. i was embarrassed to say it. they pick up that movie, a fun feel good movie. >> yes. >> he clearly is and and
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beaches, and. >> this song can still get me. it is and, and. >> ♪ >> this is my go too sad song, karen. >> never knew. >> yes. >> in fact this is how i explain why i was getting divorced in my life. if you play that song, i don't want to talk bit. but i feel like i'm going to cry. >> it hits, you know, someone that used to work on this show
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that is not on this air and said i know what happened with your relationship. it is just like this song. i just couldn't make her love me anymore. >> there are times that i have cried, when someone hurts me, it is something that has happened with another person, usually is what happens. i can't do it. it is not necessarily something else. if somebody does something or if i'm upset. >> what if i give you a puppy for christmas would that make you cry. >> i'm okay. >> it would be nice. >> kitkat, bring that song back, will you. >> back to the kennel. >> we are getting lots of tweets. laurie says i cry when i see babies being born. is that because of the pain. >> oh, my gosh. >> and then, husband who posted crying moments, he will be crying very soon. he is not happy about the fact that you posted it. >> okay, time for dancing for over future stars.
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>> okay. >> i'm excited because i'm at my old elementary school, it was saint martin deballs but we are at depaul catholic. >> everybody say hi. >> we have a repeat. let us know about this. >> good morning. yes, it is benefit for children of the independence mission schools. we have 15 schools throughout philadelphia, and we educate almost 5,000 children with catholic education. we just don't educate catholics. this event by voting for our dancers will raise money for scholarships for our children. >> i'm excited. i went to this school. this will benefit my old school. now last year d.a. seth williams, he was in this, he was like dirty dancing. he didn't win this trophy. >> did he not win and he is mad about that. >> i would be too. it is saturday march 5th at crystal tea room. we will have a lunch in and evening gown. >> they can go to dance for
9:18 am >> yes, you can get tickets and vote for friend. >> please vote for me. >> my dancing instructor, renee, come on over here, let's give it up for renee. now renee here, you dance all around the world. you have danced with michael jackson. >> yes, i have. >> what kind of dance will we prepare for the the people. >> i think what we will do and you are a philly boy. we will do a little bit of the soul funk. salsa, hustle. we will have a great time. we might add a little broadway flare since i have done theater shows. >> that is what we are doing. >> real quick, guys, this is my sixth grade teacher, remember we surprised them. >> how are you doing. >> i'm he doing good. >> do you think i can win this whole competition. >> i don't want to tell the opponent but i think game is over and you have got it already. you got the my vote. >> say hello to the greatest eighth grade in the world.
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>> real quick, we have some kid that want to teach me some dancing, but guys, i'm so excited, i have a feeling march 5th i will win this whole competition and i will raise money for my old high school and elementary school at independent mission school. >> yes. >> wonderful school. >> but you have some rhythm. >> we believe that you can dance. we believe that you can dance good you know the valley girl sounds. >> yes. >> that was happening on jeopardy. listen to this contesttent. >> totally paused. >> you are driving in platt forms. >> it is 20th anniversary of clueless. >> is it. >> yes. >> coming up, a contestant is causing quite a stir for sounding pretty much like the clueless ladies, oh, my god
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alex trebeck. >> we will take a live look at operation thanksgiving. it is at police headquarters, members of the the community relations unit, packing up baskets and for people around the city. >> great work. group is make going 350 baskets this year, it will have turkey, local bread, cranberry sauce, and a lot of the thanksgiving staples, and made by members of the philadelphia police department. what a wonderful time. >> look at all that food? that is wonderful to see.
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♪ >> dad, it is great.
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>> call that guy right there bob kelly, for goodness sakes. what a great scene. >> yes. >> so bob kelly will do the same thing. if you decorated your house like these people did, send us your photo of these decorations, we call them christmas lights. you must use the hashtag fox 29 lights or we won't be able to see it, right karen hepp. >> absolutely we have these little rules, some of you have been send nothing fabulous pictures which we love because when weather is nice and we will get in the 60's people are nailing up those decorations and putting them up. here's all of the rules, for your contest. >> don't let that fool you, folks, it is very easy. >> it says right here, rob has his lights up. >> mine are up and done already and they look great. >> all right. >> yes. >> bob will come to your house. >> yes, so four houses will be chosen over the month of
9:25 am
december and bob will do the 5:00 o'clock news. it is dark at 5:00 now isn't it. >> yes. >> we will look at your lights live on tv. >> can do i a direct quote. >> good evening, everybody, bob killie do you think that is what he will say. >> good evening, everybody. >> yes. >> okay. a jeopardy contestant that the whole world seems to be talking about this morning. it is not particularly fantastic or brilliant on the the show. the it is her voice. it sound like she's straight out of the san fernando valley >> what is noah. >> noah, right you you. >> new addition, 200, new addition 400. new addition 600. 600. >> big time rush a thousand. >> red baron. >> yes good 400. >> 800. >> 1200. >> 1600.
9:26 am
>> 2,000. >> yes. >> like my god. >> keep talking like that. >> yes. >> i'm so good. >> there is laura ashby, but not laura ashley. >> what happened. >> well, just the way she elongates her sentences but people are chatting bit. my producer upstairs says she has won a number of games. you think she's from cali. she's a valley girl. she is from georgia. >> that is not right. >> how about that. >> bless her little heart. >> yes. >> and a rare form. >> very rare form. >> that is crazy. >> i'm from the south and i never heard inn in talk like that but i'm not from georgia. >> it is a hot clothing line and it is made right here in philadelphia. >> what is the juan you are talking about. >> that one right there.
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>> so, get a gift this holiday season to show this philly pride.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with the card most accepted by top doctors and specialists, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the strength to drive forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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9:30, this is perfect. beautiful look of the philadelphia skyline, just every time i see it it is amazing, amazing sense that yesterday, too. i'm loving it, i love it so much. and i'm starting to learn, some of the slang, some of the things people say. so i know what this word means, i know how to use it, how much, some people say, i can't say it right. so i'm going to try to not say it too much in this next segment. we all known jawn is a philly word. but when you put jawn and the
9:31 am
eagles together that's like the ultimate philly experience, so couple of weeks ago i saw this jawn on air, this picture we are about to show you, yes, we run this jawn, i know i'm saying it too much now. but everyone crazy, i got more than a thousand likes on my instagram. what is this? it is so cool. it is so philly right here, line of leading made right here in our answer named jawn. so here with this morning, with jawn closing -- clothing, the creator, the business manager, right? >> that's right. >> all right, so first you guys created this. are you really from filly? how philly are you? >> i'm from outside west philly, went to the university of arts, graduated thereon broad street. >> okay, what about you, lewis in. >> philly, roxborough, temple grad. >> all right, so we know this is a philly word. what made you want to put this on clothes? >> i really wanted to start out with a brand that represented philly a lot of brands out, there street wary represent like new york, represent la, i wanted to do something that really represented philly and kind of strayed true to the culture. >> you feel like this word is a word that represents filly?
9:32 am
>> yes, people use the words in jersey, or in delaware, but it is a philly word. >> so for people who may need to be reminded, define the word jawn. >> jawn is a substitute word. >> okay. >> we coin a phrase sometimes on our shirts, just another word needed like an acronym, but basically substitute, like universal noun. >> i was told it is a person, place or thing it, can be anything. >> exactly. >> i saw it wrong, our producer kit cat kline first i was saying jawn, she's look no, no, no, now i said it jawn, help me out here? >> jawn. >> jawn. >> it is jawn. >> jawn. >> let's just get to it. you have a whole line, featuring this word there is philly word. who do we have here first? >> let's see, we have amanda. >> so we have ladies and men of course? >> i love this one. >> yes, this is eagles jawn, actually wore it, says we run this jawn on it. so, we kind of wanted to do something that really
9:33 am
represented, you know, our team. >> yes. >> like the eagles and that together, perfect combination. okay, thank you so much. it is like a fitted shirt, too. is that the acronym on the back? >> yes, back of the shirt it it says just another word needed. >> love it. >> then justin with the philly's genre, we kind of put the t, flipped it, made it a j out of it. >> what are you trying to say, phillies so bad here? >> no no, you know, all of our teens are -- we support all of our teams. >> okay. >> through and through. >> and everyone is crazy about star wars right now, all about star wars, so you found a way to make this relevant? >> absolutely, yes, these are the jawn's you're looking for, flipped one of the coats from the movie, so a lot of people really like this, we started featuring this at the philly comic con. >> i bet they went crazy for it. >> yes. >> that's dark vader? >> one of the storm trooper. >> oh, storm trooper, come on
9:34 am
over here. need to catch up on my words. how much do these run for? >> all of shirts run about $25, try to keep it very affordable, philly, just have something that they can wear, represent. >> how can we find out about it? >> jawn clothing. com or at jawn clothing on instagram, twitter, facebook. >> and even though the inside of the shirts, when you look on the shirt, see how to wash it, care for it, what does it say? >> wash this jawn in cold water, iron this jawn if needed. >> can you use jawn too many times? >> never. >> aren't we miss ago mod snell there we are. >> i run this jawn. >> oh, yes. >> now this one, i love that. eagle on the back. >> they don't run this. >> we can believe, it says phil a on one side. >> popular image. this is popular image a lot of people are seeing snow. >> yes. >> what's the influence from this? >> we run this jawn. i guess i got a lot of the
9:35 am
inspiration from a lot of the running shirts. >> yes. >> a lot of the nike shirt, things like, that where people are going out, running in. so wanted to make something rad, really, you know. >> this is kind of cool, too, kind of plane. >> simple. >> central here in philly. representing it. >> one thing, good day philly coupon code on the website, go on line, make purchase, good day philly and you can buy on line and get a special price. >> once you post that pick, everybody was like they were excited. >> oh, yes. >> look at mike in his model pose. >> we run. >> we run this jawn. all right. so this jawn is over, how about that? thank you, so much, guys. thank you, and what you're doing, jawn clothing. 9:35, what are you doing now, jen? >> okay, so always super fancy, super classy, soupy elegant. but this girl she has three plants, three flowers that are lower on the budget scale but still high in the classy scale. so come on back.
9:36 am
cheap and classy stuff, that's what we're doing. common.
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>> will the 39. operation thanksgiving. commissioner ramsey out there at philadelphia police headquarters giving away baskets of thanksgiving dinner for those who need it. and next to him our future commissioner richard rot, taking the job, another great guy. did you know he is a black belt? how cool is that? >> karate. >> pass the boxes, passing the baton, new area. >> i like the way do you that, passing the baton. >> i'm sure that's one of the last times commissioner ramsey will do this as acting commissioner here in philadelphia. they say it will -- he'll stay in the area. that's a good thing. >> i bethel. i think probably do something else, we'll stay on top of his
9:40 am
career, doing a lot of baskets, about # 350 with all of the thanksgiving fixing. what is your favorite things on your thanksgiving table? >> my potatoes, and sweet potatoes sue philadelphia international airport. what's yours? >> oh, that sounds good. i want some of that. let me see. i was at this place where jen is. amazing valley forge flowers, do phenominal stuff jen. karen? >> can you not see how big and beautiful it is. i hate to do a commercial until you actually come here, on lancaster, west lancaster, west lancaster avenue, and wayne, in eagleville at shops. it as great little village. and i do love this place. it is my home away from home. >> i have to say when i talk but, i always say she has the classiest stuff. but she can always help you out with a little bit of couple of tips, maybe lower priced or stuff we can do ourselves. >> definitely, do it yourself, it is really luxurious looking, so easy to make, and
9:41 am
unbelievably inexpensive. so i made it on this half. and didn't make it on that half. i would love to show you how easy it is. here are some pebbles. i put down saran wrap first. so you protect your table. >> okay. >> and then literally putting on the table. >> you are just spilling this down the table, anybody can do this. then take some clumps of moss. >> okay? >> just tuck them around, don't try to be neat or tidy with this. >> okay. >> that's the best part, if it is not perfect, it is only going to look better. >> yes? >> and i call this a landscape down your table. suck ooh lengths, hot right now, just last so well, with very lick care. the kind of centerpiece you can do, weeks ahead, to give yourself way more time for the cooking and preparing for your guests. i like putting a kim of ferns in there, too. couple of ferns in there, too, tuck it into the moss. these ferns are $3. so for just a few dollars, and
9:42 am
really a little bit of time, you can make a landscape go down your table, that's going to make your guests just wowed. >> i love it. >> i love it. >> you have this. if you have maybe smaller space? >> yes, if you have a small centerpiece, and you want to take just a simple fern, this is a 8-dollar fern, put it into a terra could the a pot or something natural, really gives it a lot of presence. and then, if you want to top it with a -- closh. isn't that just special? >> lots of stuff over here, unfortunately we have to wrap this segment. >> okay. >> put your bulb bees in water now, will start blooming for the holidays. same thing with paper white, everybody lovers paper whites in rocks, sand, they bloom in a few weeks. >> i love it. beautiful stuff. thank you, valley forge flowers, in wayne, barbara king, please don't come to my house because you would be embarrased what it actually
9:43 am
looks like inside. >> i doubt that. >> a lot of people are loving these ideas, i got a lot of tweets about it, pretty cool tips, jen. >> performed during the pope's historic visit, now back in our studio. coming up.
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9:46 am
♪ >> we are about a half block away from this, wonderful performance, independence hall during the pope's visit. >> the i amazing philly based african dance troops as they perform for the pope when he was here. amazing performance, amazing. >> you know, good enough for the pope, good enough for good day philadelphia, wouldn't you say? >> yes. >> good to see you. >> pleasure to be here. >> philadelphia born and raised. >> tell me this, what is the message you're trying get across? it means voice of our ancester, tow are a professional african dance and drum ensemble, one of the oldest african dance companies here in philadelphia, over 45 years. >> how many members?
9:47 am
>> we have 20 members. and also have children's company. >> oh,. >> perform to paint bride. >> this weekend. >> the 28th and the 29th. >> so it is right down the block from us? >> it is. >> do you guys perform all over the area? >> yes, we do, everywhere, everywhere. >> we don't have all of the troop here, but we have five beautiful ladies. >> yes. >> and drummers are you ready to go? >> red. >> i let's do it. >> this is done in synogogue, mali, mel odd i of celebration dance. >> what are are we celebrating? >> thanksgiving. >> the show that's coming up. >> i like. >> and your appearance here on "good day", wouldn't youy? >> yes. >> love. that will let's get to dancing. no more talking.
9:48 am
let's get to dancing, let's go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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...cheese plates, turkey, appetizers. and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. that's my boy! fill your cart with everything you need this season, all at one place. my giant.
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all at owait up!. c'mon! turkey! whoaaaa. who made all of this? let's go! pea! [screams] whoaaaa! weeeee. whoaaaa!
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♪ peas are the worst. [laugh] >> we have breaking news to steve keeley, steve? >> reporter: well, we've got new fun, police commissioner told me pennsylvania state trooper has been shot on 676, he's at hahnemann. i don't have a condition, we don't know what else happened. also got from another second source that the suspect who shot the trooper may be being brought here under arrest, brought here to police headquarters right now, commissioner ramsey was doing the turkey assembly line with incoming commissioner ross, i was talking to them, that's how i confirmed the story. so we will go over to the intake area see if the suspect is coming in, commissioner ramsey just left mere 302nd
9:54 am
ago to go over to hahnemann to get the story tune check on the trooper's condition. again, a pennsylvania trooper shot this morning, on 676, that's all we got, we'll have breaking information on line as soon as we get it we will break into programming it we have to on this one. that's the breaking news guys from police headquarters. >> thank you, steve. stay there. keep us updated. 9:54. >> all right, in other news right now, obviously, big shift here. talking about the kardashian's, a loft have you been discussing on social media, she will be having a baby, kim kardashian. >> very soon. >> and she wants to have a push present, you get a big gift, so maybe the conversation will go something like this? >> you get a gift for pushing? >> what my baby wants, my baby gets. >> twelve. >> why would you want 12? >> explain this to me. >> i don't think i gave my wife a push present. so for delivering the baby, you get her a real nice gift? >> like a gift for your pain. >> i get it. it is kind of cool. i like the idea.
9:55 am
>> okay? >> so kim cards ash yan about to have this second baby. what's she want? i thought it was like the guy would just come up with it on his own? >> well, she has a specific request. she wants a million dollars necklace. >> excuse me? >> on the late he blog post, would love a diamond choker by -- >> i got a choker for her. >> can you imagine? it is her second child. not like a dream, you get charm for bracelet, it represents something about your baby maybe like little baby shoe or something like that, she said it is only right she gets something amazing just to show how how amazing women r when she had north he got her some bracelets from cartier that had price tag more than basically everybody's car, $56,000. now she upped it. that's a million. >> that's a jump, 56,000 to a million? >> kanye, my suggestion, do not have another child with this woman. it will cost you five, $10 million. >> oh, my gosh. it will keep going up.
9:56 am
>> you know who i like right snow. >> who do you like? >> i like this hold, her name is gee gigi, at home, let's all said it, gigi abid. did you see her at the ama american music awards? i thought she look fantastic. you don't like that hairdo? >> it is all right. our fox fashion panel they say they loved it. >> little cameron diaz little bit. >> showing, because there are rumors they're together. >> are they the same age? >> early stages, so not full-on couple just yet, but just trying to see where things go. gigi was recently dating jo-jo and as. >> maybe likes boy bands. >> we have breaking news coming in. >> okay, school truck on fire, a lot of smoke there. >> it is a bus.
9:57 am
so every time there is a bus, we are very concerned. so we have to check all of the fact on this one. fully end you had guffed. >> sixty-seven. >> -- 676. >> this is a car that slammed into the back after school bus, they both burst into flames. not sure where the gas tank on the school bus is, good possibility this is a mess. so i want to say the same area of 676 where the trooper was shot? >> where the trooper was injured? >> we're on it, just go to and we'll give you the information right there on the website. >> we will certainly have more updates throughout the day for sure. oh, my gosh. looking at this, the flames? >> i wonder if they can widen out? it makes your hands stand up, just seeing this site. >> so it looks like the durham school services, that's what it says on the side of the bus. >> many, many durham buses around the city. that's for sure. okay, again, all of the information we will go right now if you want to learn more about this.
9:58 am
see you tomorrow. going to hang with this? >> if they can pan out, also looking to look people on the side of the road. >> we don't have control of the chopper. is this on the vine street expressway, is that where we are thinking this is? on the vine. >> we'll get more information, see, zooming youth little bit into this firetruck there, and police car there. >> okay, the firetruck's pulled up. but not moving in. it is probably just too dangerous, this whole -- both vehicles could blow up. if they haven't already. >> looks like we have a pumper, we also have a ladder truck of course that are there along with maybe a k9 unit. that's right there on the scene. so you just hope that everybody had a minute to quickly evacuate that vehicle. >> there you go. >> hoses right now. >> the only quick work of this, see, it is almost 10:00 o'clock, think little children were on the bus, delivering the school bus -- >> maybe backs of the yard there? hopefully the driver was able to get out, as well as the driver of the car that pushed
9:59 am
into the back. >> i'm always fascinated by the work every firefightersment look at the fire pressure. one firefighter almost has to hold the other one up, so much pressure coming out of that hose. i don't know that i've ever seen that much flames so quickly. >> fully engulfed there. and all of the smoke that was coming out. >> now, another sign here, we take a look at this school bus, looks like the emergency exit on the roof has been popped. so maybe, you know, and certainly the doors are also on this bus, so your hope certainly they managed to get and evacuate quickly when they first have the impact and get people off either out the top and certainly out the front doors that are open. >> of course, for the same for the car that's back up into the back of the bus, who ever was in the car was able to get out, as well. >> i'm telling you, people just go way too fast on the vine street expressway. go through the tub. >> and we have the changing traffic patterns right now, can get confusing and people are trying to merge and get on and get off. >> a lot of field trips right
10:00 am
now, my kids had field trips yesterday. so the other thing that goes through my mind, people coming in. >> it is dis corn concerning that top is open, though. the emergency top? >> looks like windows in the school bus have blown out if there was some sort of -- >> well, the heat would blow them out. >> correct. >> state trooper, pennsylvania state trooper being shot on the vine street expressway. 676, not sure exactly what the intersection would be, but we're hearing that possibly that asks suspect's vehicle, maybe the police were chasing him, and slammed in the back of the bus. >> yes. >> so apparently they were related stories. >> so circle around the one way around, we heard that that suspect was being brought in for custody so it would look like he did survive. that's the way -- >> if they are connected. not confirmed yet, but see at the philadelphia headquarters he will be there when they bring the suspect in. we will learn more. >> but look, firefighters w


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